NABL Accredited Labs in Mumbai

Accreditation of a laboratory by an authorized government body is required to guarantee safe and hygienic food. NABL-accreditation has many advantages for labs operating in Mumbai which includes,

  • International Recognition
  • Access to Global Market
  • Enhanced Customer Confidence and Satisfaction
  • Assurance of Accurate and Reliable Results

Benefits of Choosing a NABL- Accredited Lab in Mumbai for Your Business:

It is important to choose a NABL-accredited lab for environmental monitoring as users of accredited laboratories enjoy greater access to their products, in both domestic and international markets.

Accreditation also helps to reduce costs for manufacturers and exporters who have their products or materials tested in accredited laboratories, by reducing or eliminating the need for retesting in another country.

Businesses find it helpful to participate in tenders that require independently verified laboratories.

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