Noise / Light Quality Testing

The magnitude of noise from industries and residential areas need to be monitored and tested as prolonged exposure to such noises leads to loss of hearing, stress, reduced productivity and others. These can be measured and analyzed with noise floor testing and keysight noise figure measurement. Similarly, light quality testing is mandatory as it directly affects the safety and productivity of workers.

Why to Measure Noise at the Workplace?

At workplace machines, traffic, vehicles create occupational noise. Employees and occupants are exposed to this harmful noise. Due to this occupants can face many health problems such as headache, hearing impairment, hypertension, heart problem, annoyance and sleep disorder. to Avoid this situation Perfect Pollucon Services conducts Noise Testing in the company or home to measure high noise within premises. Actions can be taken once the locations and source are identified which are causing the noise. it helps to keep your employee or family safe from Harmful Noise.

Effects of Noise

  • Loss of hearing
  • Stress related illness
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Low productivity

Effects of Light

  • Increased headaches
  • Worker fatigue
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety / irritability